Top weed eater brands review

When you go to purchase a best weed eater, of course you want to find the best possible deal. The brandneeds to be high quality so it will be long lasting, and the model must have all of the features that you need to perform the intended tasks. Here is our top weed eaters review as rated by peers who have actually purchased, used and given their opinions on the value of each one that is presented. It is intended to help you in finding the ideal weed eater that will be the most suitable in meeting your needs, your expectations, and your personal preferences.

Black & Decker LCC420 String Trimmer


Product description
Excellent cutting power in one unit that easily converts into an edge trimmer. This versatile weed trimmer makes manicuring your sidewalks, driveways and areas around buildings and other objects a breeze. The long lasting battery lets you tackle lengthier jobs in between recharges for increased productivity.
Product features
This versatile weed trimmer features a 20V Lithium Ion batter for long life and a 5X more retention of power over the NiCad. The transmission is designed to provide increased power for cutting stronger and tougher weeds with ease. The automatic feed spool feature allows for continuous work with fewer disruptions for adjustment. The light weight sweeper feature makes it easy to quickly clear debris from any hard surface.
Customer ratings
Others who have used this product have given it an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 possible stars. Comments include excellent power as a trimmer and recommends the use of safety glasses to prevent injury. Keeps a level line when edging and the depth is just right with a clean line when done. The string feeds automatically without the need to bump it for the new feed. A few customers were disappointed because they felt that the unit did not provide the power levels that they were expecting and they went to the next powerful model up. The price is a rasonable $129.99 and the majority of customers ranked this as among the top cordelss models.

GreenWorks 2100702 G-MAX 40V Digipro 14-Inch String Trimmer

GreenWorks 2100702Product description
This product allows you to do multiple tasks and use other attachments that are designed for use with either gas or cordless power. It delivers an amazing amount of torque but operates more quietly than most trimmers. The battery system is designed for ultimate efficiency for longer use in between charging.
Product features
This trimmer provides a feature that allows for use with most gas powered attachements for more diversity and versatility. The brushless motor design allows for maximum power delivery and is comparable to the torque of gas operated units. It comes with a battery and charger along with compatibility for a variety of battery models for charging.
Customer ratings
Users have given this product an overall product rating of 4.4 out of 5 possible stars. The average price is $175.00, which is moderate, being neither overly high or low. The majority of users said that this is a very powerful dual string trimmer that is ranked as top among cordless lawn trimmers. It has the feel of a gas trimmer and accepts most standard attachments for use as a cultivator, edger, and the tasks accomplished with brush tools.
Drawbacks associated with this tool include awkwardness in using the edging function. If you want to use it as an edger, you’ll need to purchase additional attachments separately. The turbo button should be designed as a part of the throttle and the unit is as heavy as a gas powered unit, making it more difficult to handle and move from place to place. While there are mixed reviews on this product, the overall ranking is high, moving it to one of the top products in its class.

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Product description
This weed trimmer is among the most reasonably priced units on the market. It provides multi functions with plenty of power for handling light and moderate duty tasks. Complete your trimming and edging jobs in less time with ease in switching from one mode to another.

Product features
This product is powered with a 5 amp motor that is supplied with corded electricity. The 14 inch dual line cutting head allows for faster and easier task completion. The auto feed trim line allos one step waling behind edging jobs without the awkwardness of some edgers. The telescoping shaft makes adjusting the handle fast and easy so it’s the right size for anyone.
Customer reviews
People who purchased and used this weed trimmer and edger have given it an overall ranking of 4 out of 5 possible stars. The average price is $49.99 which makes it one of the most affordable top ranked weed eaters on the market. It is highly maneuverable and cuts very well for a unit of its size. Not recommended for heavy duty work of extended periods, but great for light to moderate jobs.

String Trimmer Safety Guide

When realizing how to safely operate a weed eater or trimmer, there is more to it than choosing the best weed eater. Essentially, it is important to realize all of the aspects that are involved with operating one safely. This includes dressing appropriately, paying attention and watching for foreign objects. It also includes maintaining positive control of the machine at all times.

Dress Appropriately

Why is it so important to dress appropriately? The answer is simple. If you hit something while you are trimming, you could be seriously injured if you are not dressed properly. Ideally, you should never trim with shorts on and you certainly should never do it without shoes that encompass your entire foot. Trying to trim in flip flops is an invitation to disaster. All it takes is bumping a towel with one of those things and you could be looking at a serious injury. It is equally important to wear eye protection and even hearing protection if you are operating a machine that is powered by gasoline.

Pay Attention

The next step in operating safely is to pay attention. Over the years, countless numbers of individuals have been injured while trimming because they were not paying attention to what they were doing. This is definitely not the time to be distracted by something else or to be looking in one direction while you are operating the trimmer in another direction. Instead, you should maintain your focus and ensure that you are actually present in the moment and paying attention to what you are doing. This will minimize the potential risk of injury and it will also help you get the job done more quickly.

Watch for Foreign Objects

Part of paying attention is learning to watch for foreign objects. There is nothing worse than trimming and hitting a piece of metal or some other type of hazard with a trimmer and watching it fly through the air. Unfortunately, it is likely to fly through the air and find its way to you. Even if you are wearing thick, long pants there is still a chance that you could be cut because the object may go right through them. If you see something that looks like it doesn’t belong, it is best to stop and make sure before you continue. In addition, it never hurts to do a quick sweep of the area before you start trimming to make sure there is not something unexpected lying there.

Maintain Positive Control

Finally, you must maintain positive control the machine at all times. Some are easier to control than others. Gasoline powered systems have a tendency to be much heavier than electric trimmers and as such, it can be difficult to control them after you have been using them for a while. Muscle fatigue definitely plays a role here, so if you feel yourself getting tired, it is important to stop and take a break. In addition, some machines actually have a tendency to grab hold once they hit something unintentionally, which causes the trimmer to be pulled in even more.


In closing, it is important to fully understand how you can safely operate a trimmer before doing so. This will help you to operate it safely and it will also help you maintain your machine in good condition. Therefore, you should not hesitate to refer back to the string trimmer safety guide any time that you have questions about operating one safely.

Replacing the string on gasless trimmers

Gasless string trimmers are known to be one of the best weed eaters you can buy. They are powered not by gas but by battery or electric. Just like any weed eater, the strings can break, get worn out or even tangled while in use. Changing the string is not that hard and most already know how to do it. It is always good practice though, to check the owners manual before doing anything to make sure you do not break something on the weed eater while replacing the string.
Before beginning, you must make sure either the cord for the weed eaters is unplugged, or the batter is taken out so it does not accidentally turn on while replacing the string.

The first thing to go to replace the string is to turn the trimmers upside down. The spool cover is normally held by two tabs, if it has one, and just press both tabs to get it off. To remove the spool off the spindle, the spool bottom has a tap button you have to pull firmly on to remove it.

If you do not like using a pre-wound replacement tool, you can re-wind the current spool if you like. You must bring the replacement spool and then slide it onto the spindle of the trimmers. Always make sure the replacement string is the same thickness as the one that was on it prior. If it is the wrong thickness, you could damage your weed eater. Different types of string trimmers use different sizes, you have to know the right size to use. Also string trimmers are available in different types, brand and models, each type may be unique in the way it should be restrung. It is best to check the owners manual to find out the right size the string must as well as thickness before replacing it.
There will be an exit hole on the spool housing hub. You will feed the trimmers lines free end from there. You have to align the notch in the spool with the exit hole in order to ensure proper spool orientation. To secure the spool, you must make sure to press it into place. If your trimmers have it, than at this point you would put the spool cover back on and secure it into place as well.
As you can tell, it is very easy for a normal person to replace the string on a gasless string trimmer. You follow these steps and you will be back in business in no time. Always remember to refer to the owners manual for your trimmers before doing anything. Its just a safe precaution to know for sure that you got the correct string, and know anything else important about your trimmers so they work properly when done. It can cost you lots of money if you do not get the right replacement string, or properly put your trimmers back together. You definitely would not like an accident to happen while trying to use them. So always make sure safety is first, and know your machine front to back.